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50nl is hard

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$10 + tax
  Syntax, Aug 05 2010

awww ~_~

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100nl 6max owns me.
  Syntax, Dec 14 2009



Ownage. :/ Anyway, i'm doing pretty good in all other games, which are; mostly 50nl 6max, 50nl fr (dont really play anymore) and 100/50nl hu and a tiny bit 100nl fr.

Is 100nl 6max really that much tougher?

hmmmm back to the grind soon. I've been really into poker lately. I've played 55 hours/40k hands this month thus far. Pretty good start in terms of volume for me. I just got to keep playing/learning as much as i can and hope to find a rhythm.

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do i have ADD
  Syntax, Jul 21 2009

i'm pretty sure i'm either addicted to LP and the net or i have a really small attention span

i cant stop browsing websites while im playing, mainly LP by far. i've even consciously told myself to not do it and minimized the window. Then in about 10 minutes ill find myself in a mindless forum reading / hand viewing trance on LP or 2+2. mostly LP though because i like the interface way more than 2+2s + the constant updated hands. seems like i can never turn down when i see a pockets aces hand for some reason, always gotta see it lol

(reason why i dont X out the window, is because PT3 is fucked up where i have to ctrl alt delete and shut it down manually to get firefox to reopen. Also because the LP hand poster.)

its probably also because its my first bookmark and homepage.

it's definitely screwing with my poker game... i constantly get in and out of the zone. I always lose my concentration, and in theory, its costing me money. also makes for some pretty sick timeouts which equals instant monkey tilt for me. i hate timing out.

am i the only one that's like this?

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